RF Welding Dies

Here at North East Cutting Die we would like the opportunity to be your Radio Frequency (RF) Heat Sealing Die specialists. We are committed to meet your needs and deliver on-time service.

Whatever your manufacturing needs are, we can assist you in developing your tools for your application. Whether you need Consumer Packaging, Medical Devices, Automotive, Seat Cushions or Inflatable items – we can meet your demands. We offer onsite CAD/CAM Engineering support to help with your designs.

Tear-Seal Welding
Tear-seal welding requires two simultaneous processes: welding and cutting. This is achieved by placing a cutting edge adjacent to the welding edge, allowing for the excess material to be torn off.

Seal and Cut
Seal and cut combine two operations (RF Sealing and Die Cutting) and offer another method for trimming your excess materials.

Plain Welding
Plain welding is the welding of two or more thicknesses of material at the same time to give a stronger bond.