Perforating Tubes

North East Cutting Die offers a wide variety of perforating tubes and punches for all your die cutting needs.

Threaded Shank Punches & Accessories

North East Cutting Die offers a complete system of interchangeable threaded shank punches and accessories. Threaded Shank Punches are ideal for heavy cutting in thick materials and multiple layers of material such as leather, plastic and rubber.

  • For use in solid steel dies
  • Perfect for hand punching operations
  • Convenient “screw in” design for quick and easy set-up and replacement
  • Threaded shanks allow for simple cutting size changes
  • Wrench flats are provided on all punches for easy installation and removal
  • All threaded shank punches are made from thru-hardened and tempered tool steel for durability

Standard Diameters

Specialty Punches


Single and double edge blunt stabs.

Single and double end regular stabs.