Hydraulic Traveling Head Press

The hydraulic traveling head presses are versatile machines that use small to medium sized cutting dies to cut material which can be inserted in sheet form or rolled form. The cutting head is motorized so that it will traverse from side to side within the press frame. The operator manually positions the die on the material but uses controls to move the cutting head over the die and deliver the cut. The die cutting machines range from a number of tonnages and bed sizes to suit our customer’s specifications. The travelling head series of die cutting machines range in tonnage from 20 to 35 tons and respectively range in bed sizes from (20″-30″)D x (60″-102″)W, and range in cutting stroke from 4.3″-9.8″.



A hydraulic traveling head press producing 25 – 35 metric tons of cutting force. This very quiet, high speed machine has a heavy-duty, single cylinder construction that provides for efficient cuts of single or multiple layers of material. The hydraulic up stroke and down stroke provide for an even cutting depth. It is especially designed for maximum material yield of small parts cut from wide materials. Die and material height is set quickly and easily making this machine operator friendly.

  • Efficient cuts of single or multiple layers of material.
  • Uses a hydraulic-down and hydraulic-up system to provide an even cutting depth.
  • Wide bed, allows full width to be processed without the added expense of slitting to a smaller dimension.
  • Special cutting pad locking device can prevent cutting pad from warping.
  • Movable platen, allows the operator visibility to conveniently and accurately place the die onto material.
  • Two hand tripping action, ensures complete operator safety.
  • Automatic head down stroke speed reduction prior to actual cutting action to minimize any possible size difference between top most and bottom layers in multiply applications.
  • Die height and material height can be set quickly.
  • Excellent repeat accuracy of stroke ensures extended cutting pad life and clean accurate parts.

  • Polypropylene Cutting Pad and Oscillating Pad Shifter on the Bed – The oscillating pad shifter greatly improves the cutting pad life by rotating the cutting pad on a circular path after each cut.
  • Manual Die Mounting Rails – The die rails hold the tooling under the head. They are manually operated for easy die board change out.
  • Touch Screen Operator Interface with Program Storage – The user friendly touch screen makes machine operation easy for any operator with the ability to store programs, recall programs, and change material specifications and feed distances all with the touch of a finger.
  • Automatic pinch roll attachment.
  • Roll holding stand for 4 – 10 rolls.