Full Head Cutting Systems

The full head series of our machinery features a slide table to manually insert material onto the machine bed to be evenly cut by the dies. The vast majority of cutting presses have been hydraulically powered to enable high cutting forces and coupled with a unique balancing system to ensure the head and bed stay parallel at all time for maximum cutting accuracy. Our die cutting machines range from a number of tonnages and bed sizes to suit our customer’s specifications. The full head series die cutting machines range in tonnage from 30 tons to 100 tons and respectively range in bed sizes from 20″ x 50″ to 78.7” x 118.” The full head series specializes in cutting material in sheet form due to the stationary cutting press incorporated with this line of machinery; however, the cutting stroke for these machines ranges from 3.9″-9.8″ which allows for a wide range of materials to be processed.



A four-post hydraulic press producing 30 – 100 metric tons of cutting force, with two cylinders mounted over cross members linked end to end with torsion bars. This mechanical balancing system ensures that the maximum cutting force of the press can be delivered anywhere on the bed of the press, and keeps the bed and bridge parallel even under asymmetrical (unbalanced) loads. This hydraulic press can deliver its total force at any point in the down stroke.

  • The Full Head series of die cutting machines were designed and engineered by European technicians with 50 years of experience.
  • The Full Head series has a strong exterior reinforced construction consisting of heavy-duty weldments. This press is built for the long term, which our customers expect.
  • This full head press uses a four column construction, and in the best and strongest American engineering tradition, utilizes an internal mechanical leveling system to insure a parallel cutting stroke and full uniform pressure all over the cutting bed, even when the cutting dies are not in the center of the cutting area. A parallel cutting stroke is essential for obtaining accurate cut parts and for long pad and die life. The most important fact is that the four pillar construction and internal mechanical leveling system keeps the bridge parallel far better than the common hydraulic leveling or straight arm systems used in some cutting machines.
  • Very efficient for making clean cuts of multiple layers of material.
  • Simple to learn – Die height and material height can be reset in less than ten seconds with easy to use controls for setting die and material height which provides a fast set up time.
  • Low electrical power consumption which helps make the machine very quiet.
  • Low maintenance due to an automatic central lubricating system, which continuously lubricates all of the main bushings and bearings.

  • Double slide table – Allows for multiple operators to work at the same time and increase productivity from one single machine.
  • Pad Shifter – Mounts on the head of a full press machine and oscillates the polypropylene pad to reduce wear on die, as well as increase material yields.
  • Die Mounting rails – Allows for ease of access to die pads and makes changing die pads easier.
  • Automated Slide Tables – reduces need to manually push slide table in and out of machine.
  • Wear Plate – Fitted to the slide table on the machine for through cutting of material upwards.
  • Material Feed Roller – Option automatically feed rolled material onto machine bed for quicker production time.
  • Phase Converter – Option to switch the machine to run on single phase, 220V power.